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                                                                       CCTV surveillance technology at its best with CCTV Gurgaon service

The CCTV or CCTV is a surveillance technology designed to monitor anomalies occurred in a variety of environments and activities. At City Service Hub we are specialists in the installation of this type of security system in Gurgaon, among other provinces. Contrary to what happens with diffusion, it is called a closed circuit because all its components are linked together. In this sense, closed-circuit television is a system that only you can access when you want. Well, our professionals will be able to view the images only in the event of an alarming jump. Thus your privacy is fully guaranteed. Furthermore, all CCTV solutions admit their integration with other systems offered by the City Service Hub. And you can check the CCTV camera price in Gurgaon as well.

We are a company in the Video Surveillance and Telecommunications sector that has been meeting the needs of the National market, through customer relations and competitiveness; integrating solutions for the commercialization and distribution of products and services; through a reliable solution and timely service, achieved through commitment, participation and continuous improvement of human talent, and the technical resources of our company.

In our online store, you can buy cheap security cameras with very good image quality for closed-circuit television (CCTV). In recent years the market has evolved towards a new concept of technology called HDTVI, which supports digital HD high definition image in old analog installations. This, added to its low price, makes it the perfect technology for replacements and upgrades of both old and new installations. In our CCTV camera shop in Gurgaon, you can find among others: dome security cameras, bullet surveillance cameras, wireless cameras, and cheap security camera kits.

Advantages of hiring a camera installation company

By operating a security camera installation company, you can provide peace of mind to locals, visitors, and staff. This is because CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a network of sophisticated cameras, which are strategically installed in various places, which can be external and public, where there is a large movement of people, to verify suspicious actions and count people in public areas.
In this way, the security camera installation company gives away more warranty than independent camera installers. Companies such as CCTV dealers in Gurgaon have trained personnel for safe installation, giving a service guarantee, capable of acting quickly and effectively in the event of suspicions or incidents such as intrusions, criminal approaches to residents, and vandalism, among other acts.

City Service Hub is a CCTV installation Gurgaon company that manages all images, storing them in an organized way for quick access. In investigative situations, such recordings may be necessary when an event is reported or the offender's action is verified.
The CCTV camera company in Gurgaon also makes it possible to monitor the entry and exit of residents, visitors, and employees in a building, including service providers who visit the site sporadically, identifying and recording their faces. This feature provides more security for residents and construction professionals.

CCTV Installation
Our video installations available in every environment offer unlimited possibilities. The image quality is absolutely fantastic, so is the recordings, even if in the poor lighting conditions, it captures well. In addition, there is an active alarm system to prevent theft in time, which is for the integration of effective and profitable protection systems against theft and vandalism for companies.
CCTV camera installation in Gurgaon proposes a professional video surveillance solution, based on intelligent IP camera systems that are installed both indoors and outdoors and that guarantee security while providing statistical data to enrich business planning.
Each network camera of this manufacturer integrates the intelligent software Mx Activity Sensor for the detection of movement, that ignores the interferences caused, par example, by the branches of trees that move the wind, providing reliable alarm management. If someone uses to enter the premises, the camera activates automatically a public address message to intimidate unsolicited visitors, along with sending the alert by the VoIP telephony or email to certain employees or security service.


The 6-megapixel Moonlight technology allows to obtain the highest quality of the image collected and to analyze people or license plates even with minimal lighting conditions, which is an ideal solution for the interior of dealerships where it is possible to cover large areas without the need to install various devices and with the advantage of reducing costs and avoiding wiring.

Hikvision monitoring system

Hikvision dealer in Gurgaon provides artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and other emerging technologies, and the leading provider of video surveillance products and solutions have been installed by Hikvision's team of integrators to secure the OGSP (Off Grid Surveillance Platform)   network to secure a building.
Hikvision CCTV cameras offer the best details for results because they can be adjusted and zoomed in with amazing detail, he added. The OGSP facility provided 360-degree panoramic surveillance and acts as a deterrent anti-theft system while providing the dealership with the ability to zoom in for more detail, view recorded videos in addition to being able to access it remotely from iVMS application of Hikvision distributor in Gurgaon via smartphone or tablet. Hikvision's weatherproof cameras operate in temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius. The system can also be accessed live by 24/7 security centers, where intruders can be warned to leave the premises immediately using active loudspeakers, and police can be dispatched immediately.

CP plus camera

We are the CP Plus Dealer In Gurgaon and interested in providing you with a Comprehensive Solution in Video Surveillance Systems or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) so that you have the certainty that nothing will happen without being observed and if necessary it can be reviewed for a more exact decision, offering you the best equipment for this purpose, all this with the ability to be monitored on-site, via the Web and Mobile Devices. CP plus camera Gurgaon have Analog, IP, Wireless, Explosion-proof, Mobile Video, etc. Cameras, based on your needs and budget.
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