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Privacy Policy

1. Information posted on website is obviously publicly available.

2. We use users' personal information to:

* Provide our services;

* Resolve disputes, collect fees, and troubleshoot problems;

3. All information contained by Cityservicehub is treated as strictly confidential and Cityservicehub does not and will not disclose or share such confidential information to / with any external organization.

4. Cityservicehub also reserves the right to make use of the personal information in any investigation or judicial process relating to fraud on account of such transactions during the period Cityservicehub retains such information.

5. You may use personal information gathered from Cityservicehub only to follow up with another user about a specific posting, not to send spam/ phising or collect personal information from someone who hasn't agreed to that.

6. We may update, upgrade, modify (partially &/or fully) this policy at any time.